**E-cycling Events for 2021**

Events will be held from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. on:

  • March 13th at the Emergency Services Building, 230 Greenamyer Rd.  Gettysburg
  • June 5th at the Municipal Building, 1370 Fairfield Road,  Gettysburg
  • Sept. 11th at the Abbottstown Rec Park, 241 High St.  Abbottstown
  • Dec. 4th at the East Berlin Boro Park, 523 North Ave.  East Berlin

All electronic devices are accepted with Photo ID and a receipt of your Waste Connections bill.

COVID Regulations:
All residents will remain in their vehicle.
Waste Connection employees will remove electronic devices from the vehicle.
All Waste Connection employees and volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves.
There will be a volunteer directing traffic.

Zoning Hearing Board – January 28, 2021


The Zoning Hearing Board of Straban Township will hold a public meeting on Thursday, January 28, 2021 commencing at 7:00 p.m. in the Straban Township Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, PA, for the purposes of conducting the annual organization of the Zoning Hearing Board to elect its officers and then to conduct a zoning hearing to consider the following application:

A Zoning Hearing Application, dated and filed on December 22, 2020, by Air Methods Corporation relative to certain real property owned by the County of Adams, located at 230 Greenamyer Lane, Gettysburg, Straban Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (identified by Adams County Tax Parcel ID No. 38H11-0040—000).  The real property, which is the subject of the zoning hearing, is zoned and located within an Economic Development – Intense District (EC-2), as established by the Straban Township Zoning Ordinance. The Applicant is requesting the grant of a special exception for a use not defined or provided for in the Zoning Ordinance for the construction and use of a heliport, to include a helipad, hangar, fuel storage and temporary office for emergency helicopter operations accessory to the Applicant’s air ambulance operations and the Adams County Department of Emergency Services use of the subject real property. In the alternative, the Applicant is seeking a variance from the allowed uses in section 140-13.(b)(1) of the Zoning Ordinance to include a heliport use. The Applicant is also appealing a decision of the Zoning Officer that the proposed use is a helistop, as defined in the Zoning Ordinance.

NOTICE – Bridge Replacement SR 0394 (Shriver’s Corner Road)

Straban Township, in conjunction with PennDOT District 8-0, will present a plans display for the bridge replacement of SR 0394 (Shriver’s Corner Road) Section 009. The project replaces the existing single span steel beam bridge with a 39′-6″ span pre-stressed concrete, spread box beam bridge. Approximately 250 feet of roadway reconstruction/resurfacing along SR 0394 and 100′ of road resurfacing along Goldenville Road is included in the project. A 10.4-mile long detour route will be used during construction and utilize SR 3001, SR 0234, and SR 034. A display of engineering plans, including the proposed detour, will be available for review at the Straban Township Municipal Building from July 20th through August 21st during normal business hours.

If special assistance is needed to enable the review of the plans by individuals with a disability, please contact PennDOT’s Project Manager, Dan Rocuskie at 717-705-6181 in advance of the visit to allow time to arrange for the required accommodations.

Notice of Public Hearing – July 6, 2020

The Straban Township Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on Monday, July 6, 2020, 6:45 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to receive comments on the proposed Floodplain Ordinance. The Straban Township Board of Supervisors may adopt the proposed amendments to the Floodplain Ordinance on Monday, July 6, 2020, 7:00 p.m. in the Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to wit:
The purpose of the proposed Ordinance is to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Flood Plain Management Act, 32 P.S. §§ 679.101 – 679.601, (the “Floodplain Management Act”), at Section 679.202, wherein certain municipalities are required to adopt floodplain management regulations within six months after a floodplain map is approved or promulgated for the municipality by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
The provisions of the proposed Ordinance are summarized as follows:
SECTION 1. Repeals and replaces Chapter 71, entitled “Floodplain Development”.
§ 71-1 Intent. The purpose is to minimize risks posed in floodplain areas and comply
with federal and state floodplain management requirements.
§ 71-2 Applicability. Permit required for construction or development.
§ 71-3 Abrogation and Greater Restrictions. This Chapter supersedes any conflicting
regulations. In event of conflict, more restrictive provision applies.
§ 71-4. Warning and Disclaimer of Liability. These regulations do not guarantee freedom
from flood damage. The Township is not liable for flood damage resulting from reliance
on this Chapter.
§ 71-5. Designation of the Floodplain Administrator. The Township’s Zoning Officer shall
serve as Floodplain Administrator. In absence of Floodplain Administrator, duties will be
fulfilled by the Township Manager.
§ 71-6 Permits Required. A permit is required prior to undertaking construction or
development in the Township.
§ 71-7 Duties and Responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator. Sets forth the duties of
the Floodplain Administrator, including issuing and revoking permits, entering buildings
or developments, and submitting reports to FEMA.
§ 71-8 Application Procedures and Requirements. Sets forth the procedures and
requirements for applying for a permit.
§ 71-9 Review by County Conservation District. Proposed construction or development
plans must be submitted to the County Conservation District for review.
§ 71-10 Review of Application by Others. Plans and applications may be submitted by
Floodplain Administrator to other appropriate agencies.
§ 71-11 Changes. After permit issuance, changes must be approved by the Floodplain
§ 71-12 Placards. Placard must be displayed on premises during construction.
§ 71-13 Start of Construction. Construction must begin within 180 days after permit
issuance and must be completed within 365 days after permit issuance. Time extensions
may be granted.
§ 71-14 Enforcement. Sets forth requirements for notices of violation. Violations shall be
a summary offense and may carry a fine of $100.00 to $600.00. Each day shall be a separate
§ 71-15 Appeals. Provides for appeals of Floodplain Administrator actions to the Zoning
Hearing Board within 30 days.
§ 71-16 Identification. Adopts the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and the Flood Insurance
Rate Maps (FIRMs) issued by FEMA.
§ 71-17 Description and Special Requirements of Identified Floodplain Areas. Identified
Floodplain Areas are set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.
§ 71-18 Technical Provisions: General. Sets forth general technical provisions for
construction and development in floodplain areas.
§ 71-19 Elevation and Floodproofing Requirements. Sets forth requirements for residential
and nonresidential structures, basements, and historic and accessory structures.
§ 71-20 Design and Construction Standards. Sets forth standards with respect to fill,
drainage, water and sanitary sewer systems, utilities, streets, storage, placement of
structures, anchoring, floors, walls, and ceilings, paints and adhesives, electrical
components, equipment, fuel supply systems, and UCC coordination.
§ 71-21 Development That May Endanger Human Life. Regulation of such development
is set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.
§ 71-22 Special Requirements for Subdivision and Development. Certain proposals must
be supported by hydrologic and hydraulic engineering analyses.
§ 71-23 Special Requirements for Mobile or Manufactured Homes. Requirements are set
forth in Article XII of Chapter 117.
§ 71-24 Activities requiring special permits are governed by the Zoning Ordinance.
§ 71-25 Existing Structures. No changes or improvements are required to be made to
existing structures.
§ 71-26 Improvements. When improvements are made to existing structures, the
requirements of this section apply.
§ 71-27 Variances: General. Relief from strict application of these requirements may be
granted in accordance with standards set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.
§ 71-28 Definitions: General. If not defined, words shall be interpreted to give provisions
most reasonable application.
§ 71-29 Specific Definitions. Defines certain terms used in this Ordinance.
SECTION 2. Amends Article XII of Chapter 117, entitled “Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks” to set forth floodplain standards for mobile and manufactured homes in Identified Floodplain Areas.
SECTION 3. Amends Section 140-5 of Chapter 140 to add defined terms related to floodplain management.
SECTION 4. Amends Section 14-5 of Chapter 140 to amend defined terms related to floodplain management.
SECTION 5. Amends Section 140-36 of Chapter 140 to incorporate floodplain regulations and provisions identifying and describing specific floodplain areas into Zoning Ordinance.
SECTION 6. Amends Section 117-10 of Chapter 117 to provide that land located within Identified Floodplain Areas must be developed in accordance with the Floodplain Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance.
SECTION 7. Amends Section 117-29 of Chapter 117 to provide that land located within Identified Floodplain Areas must be developed in accordance with the Floodplain Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance.
SECTION 8. REPEALER. All provisions of previous ordinances contrary to or inconsistent with this Ordinance are repealed.
SECTION 9. SAVINGS CLAUSE. In all other respects, the Code of the Township of Straban shall remain as previously enacted and ordained.
SECTION 10. SEVERABILITY. If any portion of this Ordinance is deemed void, it shall be severable, and the other provisions of this ordinance shall remain in full effect.
SECTION 11. EFFECTIVE DATE. This ordinance shall take effect July 22, 2020.
The full text of the proposed Ordinance may be examined without charge at the Straban Township Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A copy will be provided upon request without charge. A copy of the proposed Ordinance has also been filed with the newspaper publishing this Notice and at the Adams County Law Library, 117 Baltimore Street, Room 305, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

2020 E-cycling Collection

**UPDATE – E-cycling events will still take place on original dates. Please remember as we are in the yellow phase, masks MUST be worn. Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines to help keep everyone safe.**

Events will be held from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. on:

  • March 14th at the Emergency Services Building, 230 Greenamyer Rd.  Gettysburg
  • June 6th at the Municipal Building, 1370 Fairfield Road,  Gettysburg
  • Sept. 12th at the Abbottstown Rec Park, 241 High St.  Abbottstown
  • Dec. 5th at the East Berlin Boro Park, 523 North Ave.  East Berlin

All electronic devices are accepted with Photo ID and a receipt of your Waste Connections bill.

**Notice for Public Meetings**

In the interest of the health of all those in attendance, and the health of our community at large, the Board of Supervisors has determined that certain precautions shall be taken to ensure compliance with the CDC’s social distancing directives. Due to the size and layout of the Township’s public meeting room, the Township will be restricting the number of public attendees in the room at one time. The limit for public guest inside the building at one time will be TEN. Please sign your name on the sign-in sheet, and indicate whether you are seeking to provide public comment on a non-agenda item, or to offer comment on a particular agenda item. Township staff will direct attendees to the appropriate locations and will ensure that all public comment is given in an orderly fashion. In the event that a larger than expected turnout occurs, staff may need to ask some residents to wait outside until the appropriate time for public comment. Despite these precautions, all attendees will be permitted their opportunity to provide public comment. Please understand that these precautions are necessary for the health and safety of our community. We thank you for your patience and willingness to work with the Township to best ensure that this public meeting can be held in the safest way possible.

Thank you,
Straban Township Board of Supervisors

Notice to Residents – Waste Collections

Many municipalities in Adams County contract waste and recycling services on behalf of their residents. In light of Covid-19 concerns it is important to point out a very important requirement of these waste collection contracts, and that is the provision contained in the contracts that all loose refuse must be bagged. This provision also pertains to waste placed in wheeled toters – it also must be bagged.

As for the preparation of recyclable items, they may be placed loosely in recycling containers. Make sure they are clean and only place the items in your recycling containers that are specified by your hauler. If you don’t have the list, check your haulers website or call them and inquire. If you place items in your recycling that are not accepted by your hauler (think yard waste) your recycling may not be picked up. Please remember that recycling supports various businesses that make essential items (think toilet paper, paper towels, plastic drink container, etc.).

Employees of your waste and recycling collector are on the front line in this pandemic, let’s do our part to help keep everyone safe – bag your waste and recycle right Adams County!

**Street Sweeping**

Street Sweeping will be starting Monday April 13, 2020 through Friday, April 17, 2020. The locations for this sweeping will be the following: Twin Oaks, Hunters Crossing, and Hazelbrook Hills development.
Reminder: Please have your vehicles off the road way.
Thank you

**Tax Collection Notice**

**Through Adams County Ordinance No. 1 of 2020, and due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation, the Adams County Commissioners are extending tax payment deadlines for 2020 Adams County Real Estate and Per Capita Taxes as follows: to pay at 2% DISCOUNT until JUNE 30, 2020; to pay at “PAR” JULY 1, 2020 through OCTOBER 31, 2020; from NOVEMBER 1 and thereafter, a 10% penalty will be added to the “PAR” amount. Straban Township adopted a similar ordinance.
At this time, all Adams County Tax Collector offices are closed until further notice. Payments can be mailed, placed in drop boxes (where available) and paid by credit card (where available). If requesting a receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please consult your tax collector or municipal office for actual tax collector office hours after the State stay-at-home orders are lifted. Taxpayers will continue to be encouraged to use mail, drop boxes or online payments to reduce face-to-face contact at this time.**

COVID – 19 Precautions

***Beginning on March 24, 2020, Straban Township doors will be CLOSED to the public. To help maintain precautions designed to minimize the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19, a drop box will be located outside the Township office for any papers needed to be dropped off or picked up. Our staff will remain in the building during normal work hours and can be reached either via phone or email. Thank you for your cooperation during this time. We will inform you if any necessary changes are needed to be made. ***
Email: office@strabantownship.com
Phone: 717-334-4833
Thank you,
Straban Township