Zoning Hearing – May 5, 2009

FAISON-GETTYSBURG CROSSING, LLC (Decisional Meeting) – in regards to property located at the intersection of Route 15 and Route 30, Gettysburg in the Economic Development District. The applicant requests a (a) special exception for a proposed shopping center as provided under §140-12.B(1) of the Code of Straban Township (“Code”) or “Zoning Ordinance”); (b) an interpretation that an automotive accessory sales/service area is permitted by right within one of the stores or, in the alternative, special exception approval for this use under Code §140-12.B(1) which permits vehicle service facilities; (c) special exception approval under Code §140-12.B(1) for a proposed fueling station related to a retail wholesale store; (d) special exception approval under Code §140-12.B(1) for a proposed bank with a drive-through facility; (e) a variance from Code §140-19.K(1) regarding access to a retail wholesale store; together with (f) a request for an interpretation of (i) the shopping center access requirements of §140-19.L(5); (ii) the sidewalk location requirements of Code §140-12.I(8); and (iii) the parking location requirements of Code §§140-12.F(1) & (2); (g) alternative requests for variances from Code §§140-19.L(5), 140-12.F(1), 140-12.F(2), and 140-12.F(1)(a); and (h) any other measures of relief deemed necessary to allow the property to be used for the Proposed Shopping Center.