Zoning Hearing – September 30, 2015

The Straban Township, Adams County, PA, Zoning Hearing Board will hold a public hearing on September 30, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the Straban Township Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, PA, to consider the following:

Sites-Bittinger, L.P.: Zoning application regarding property located at the Adams Commerce Center, Lots 22 and 23 along U.S. Route 30 and Expedition Trail in Straban Township. The property is located in the EC-1 zoning district established by the Straban Township zoning ordinance. The property is designated as tax parcel no. 38-G-12-0169 and is owned by Kirby Land Holdings, LLC.

Applicant proposes to modify the existing lot lines of said lots as follows: Land from lot 22 will be added to lot 23. The land transfer will eliminate lot 22 road frontage on U.S. Route 30. Road frontage will be maintained for lot 22 from Expedition Trail. Lot 23 will continue to have lot frontage on U.S. Route 30. Applicant proposes to build a day care center on lot 22. No development is proposed currently for lot 23.

Applicant’s application appeals from a determination of the Straban Township zoning officer that the Route 30 streetscape requirements of the Straban Township zoning ordinance apply to the proposed subdivision since no development is proposed for lot 23 which will remain a vacant lot. Alternately, Applicant requests a variance from the streetscape requirements should the zoning board conclude that the streetscape requirements do apply to lot 23. All those wishing to be heard on the application must appear at hearing at the aforesaid time and place.