Board of Supervisors – February 1, 2016

Pledge & Call to Order
Public Comment (Agenda items – 5 minutes)
Approve Minutes

  • Of meeting held Monday, January 4, 2016

Approve Bills
Old/New Business

  • 1. Consider adoption of an Ordinance amending Sections 81-16 and 81-17 concerning Traffic Impact Fees
  • 2. Consider approval of the letter of support for grant being pursued to complete the North Gettysburg Trail to connect Gettysburg Area High School with SpiriTrust Lutheran
  • 3. Consider authorizing solicitor to file legal proceedings to take the necessary property at 158 Early Avenue and 160 Early Avenue by eminent domain so that the maintenance project for the storm sewer piping within Twin Oaks can proceed
  • 4. Consider appointing Paul Kriger as TCC Representative and Christine Redding as TCC Alternate Representative for the York Adams Tax Bureau
  • 5. Consider a reduction in financial security for The Keith Corporation (Tractor Supply)
  • 6. Consider purchasing new loader with State Liquid Fuel funds

Land Use Reviews

  • 1. Agricultural Commodities, Inc. – Land Development Plan – (1585 Granite Station Road) – Must act by 2/16/16

Public Comment (General – 5 minutes)
Questions from the Press

Download the minutes of this meeting.