Zoning Hearing – November 29, 2016

The Straban Township, Adams County, PA, Zoning Hearing Board will hold a public hearing on November 29, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. in the Straban Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to consider the following:

An application by Kirby Land Holdings, LLC – regarding property located at 60 Expedition Trail which is located along the south side of U.S. Route 30 and is also known as lot 23 of the Adams Commerce Center. The property lies adjacent to lot 24 of said Commerce Center. Lot 24 is presently owned by Spirit Master Funding and leased to Renn Kirby. The application states that said lot 23 is currently a vacant lot and that applicant proposes to use lot 23 for vehicle sales / storage as a use accessory to the ongoing sale, repair, display, and storage of vehicles at the Renn Kirby dealership located on lot 24. The property is located in the EC – 1 zoning district established by the Straban Township zoning ordinance.

The Applicant requests multiple variances from the following zoning ordinance provisions:

1. Temporary variances from all streetscape requirements applicable to the property at issue which includes (1) street and building lighting requirements; street tree requirements; building landscaping requirements; business signage requirements; trash storage requirements; and side walk installation requirements. The streetscape requirements are found in section 140 – 12 H of the Ordinance.
2. A variance from the lighting requirement applicable to the proposed use of the land at issue if such proposed use includes a public parking area. The regulations are found in section 140 – 51 of the Ordinance.
3. A variance from the provisions of section 140 – 46 of the Ordinance relating to required parking spaces for a vehicle sales/ storage lot accessory to the sale, repair; display and storage of vehicles at the Renn Kirby dealership located on lot 24 described above.

All those wishing to be heard on the application must appear at hearing at the aforesaid time and place.