Board of Supervisors – February 5, 2018

Pledge & Call to Order
Public Comment (Agenda items – 5 minutes)
Approval of Minutes

  • Of meeting held Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Approve Bills
Old/New Business

  • 1. Consider adoption of the revised Application for Township Road Occupancy Permit
  • 2. Consider authorizing the advertisement for bidding road projects
  • 3. Consider authorizing the advertisement for bidding E-3M Emulsion
  • 4. Consider approving the 2017 Annual Report from the Straban Township Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • 5. Consider adopting Resolution No. 2018-05 updating various fees charged by the Tax Collector
  • 6. Consider appointing two (2) members to the Traffic Impact Fee Advisory Committee
  • 7. Consider designating Adams Community Television (d/b/a Community Media of South Central PA) as the PEG channel operator for the township

Land Use Reviews

  • 1. TKC CCXXX (Gettysburg Shopping Center) – Preliminary Land Development Plan (1530 York Road)-Must act by 02/07/18 (request for extension)
  • 2. CVS Pharmacy (Lincoln Commons) – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan (Shealer/Rt. 30)-Must act by 02/09/18

Public Comment (General – 5 minutes)
Questions from the Press

Download the minutes of this meeting.