Board of Supervisors – February 4, 2019

Pledge & Call to Order
Public Comment (Agenda items – 5 minutes)
Approval of Minutes

  • Of meeting held Monday, January 7, 2019

Approve Bills
Old/New Business

  • 1. Consider authorizing the advertisement for bidding road projects
  • 2. Consider authorizing the advertisement for bidding E-3M Emulsion
  • 3. Consider approval of the holding tank for Messersmith at 321 Coleman Road
  • 4. Consider approving annual update of Phasing Schedule pursuant to Development Agreement with Greater Gettysburg Investment Group, LP/Gettysburg Commons
  • 5. Consider appointment of an alternate to the Zoning Hearing Board
  • 6. Consider appointment of a member to the Recreation Advisory Board
  • 7. Consider authorizing the reduction of financial security and/or call of the financial security by Resolution for Battlefield Hearth, LLC
  • 8. Consider awarding the Twin Oaks storm sewer system maintenance project
  • 9. Consider approving Sewage Facilities Planning Module for Lot 2, Hunterstown-Hampton Road
  • 10. Consider authorizing the Joint Comprehensive Plan to be forwarded to the county planning commission, contiguous municipalities, and the school districts and schedule a public hearing

Land Use Reviews

  • 1. Snyder Property – Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan (20 Low Dutch Road) – Must act by 02/22/19
  • 2. Incentives LLC – Final Land Development Plan (Lot 12, ACEDC) – Must act by 03/19/19

Public Comment (General – 5 Minutes)
Questions from the Press

Download the minutes of this meeting.