Zoning Hearing Board – February 16, 2021


The Zoning Hearing Board of Straban Township will hold a public meeting to conduct a zoning hearing on    Tuesday, February 16, 2021 commencing at 7:00 p.m. at the Straban Township Municipal Building, 1745 Granite Station Road, Gettysburg, PA, to consider the following:

A Zoning Hearing Application, filed on December 29, 2020 on behalf of Royal Farms, relative to certain real property owned by TKC CCXXX, LLC, located at 1530 York Rd (intersection of Smith Rd and York Rd) in Straban Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania (identified by Adams County Tax Parcel ID No. 38G12-0049—000). The real property, which is the subject of the zoning hearing, is zoned and located in the Economic Development – Commercial District (EC-1), as established by the Straban Township Zoning Ordinance.

The Applicant is requesting the following variances from the Zoning Ordinance in connection with a proposed permitted convenience store retail sales and vehicle fueling use:

  • 1. A variance from Section 140-19. E.(2) for parking between the main entrance of the convenience store building and the refueling bays.
  • 2. A variance from Section 140-49.A.(7)(b), requiring that all off-street parking be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from the principal structure.
  • 3. A variance from Section 140-54.E.(3) to allow for an increase in total wall sign area from the permitted maximum sign area of 187.25 square feet to a requested sign area of 218.56 square feet.
  • 4. A variance from Table 140-54 limiting the use of one freestanding sign with a maximum sign area of 40 square feet to allow the proposed use of two (2) freestanding signs with each sign having an area of 162 square feet.
  • 5. A variance from Table 140-54 limiting a freestanding sign to a maximum height of 10 feet to allow each of the two (2) proposed freestanding signs to have a height of 25 feet.
  • 6. A variance from Section 140-54.E.(6) to allow for the installation and use of mounted wall signs to be located on the building facades of the primary building and the gas canopy fronting interior access roads.
  • 7. A variance from Section 140-54.E.(7), requiring that a minimum of 50% of the total wall sign area be placed on the primary building façade, to allow for the installation and use of a 49.60 square foot wall sign on the primary building façade which is equivalent to 22.69% of the proposed total wall sign area.

All those wishing to be heard on the application must appear at the hearing at the aforesaid time and place.