Recreation Board – May 17, 2021

**Please note that the Recreation Meeting will take place at the Straban Township Rec Park (100 Smith Rd)**


Monday May 17, 2021, 7 pm, 100 Smith Rd

Call to Order
Approve Minutes

  • Of meeting held March 22, 2021


  • From Treasurer

Old Business

  • a. Recreation Park Status and Scheduling
  • b. Park Improvement Plan:
    • i. Playground Equipment – Grant Application to Adams County Park, Recreation and Green Space Grant Program
    • ii. Perimeter Trail around Park – bidding process
    • iii. Maintenance Building – Existing building / bidding new building
    • iv. Miscellaneous improvements – benches, shade trees, trash receptacles, dog waste receptacles, handicapped parking designation, GaGa Ball Pit

New Business

  • a. Vandalism at the Park – Security Cameras
  • b. Existing Playground Equipment – replacement part ordered

Public Comment
Download the Minutes of this Meeting