Notice to Residents – Waste Collections

Many municipalities in Adams County contract waste and recycling services on behalf of their residents. In light of Covid-19 concerns it is important to point out a very important requirement of these waste collection contracts, and that is the provision contained in the contracts that all loose refuse must be bagged. This provision also pertains to waste placed in wheeled toters – it also must be bagged.

As for the preparation of recyclable items, they may be placed loosely in recycling containers. Make sure they are clean and only place the items in your recycling containers that are specified by your hauler. If you don’t have the list, check your haulers website or call them and inquire. If you place items in your recycling that are not accepted by your hauler (think yard waste) your recycling may not be picked up. Please remember that recycling supports various businesses that make essential items (think toilet paper, paper towels, plastic drink container, etc.).

Employees of your waste and recycling collector are on the front line in this pandemic, let’s do our part to help keep everyone safe – bag your waste and recycle right Adams County!